Frontend Templates
Your user facing pages such as landing, login, sign up, pricing, and application dashboard
The quickest way to try different templates is to go to the community templates page and click on "use". This will import the template and set it as your application frontend.
Your existing template comes with fully functional landing, sign up, login, pricing pages.
In addition to basic user facing pages, your template also includes a user dashboard area where you
Clicking the "Use" button will import and set the template as your application frontend
A template consists of your user facing pages (landing, sign up, login, features), and user dashboard. To tailor a template for your use case, each page is editable through the admin dashboard:
"Page Templates" will list all your templates, and here you can edit individual pages.
Clicking the "Edit" button for the Live template will take you to the live pages, and they may be edited through your dashboard.
If you know what you are going to add to each page, and have minor edits to make, this is a viable option.
The more flexible, and powerful option for developers is to use our command line interface. SaaSBox CLI is ideal for editing your templates locally on your computer and pushing them to your application with a single command. Find out more about the CLI here.
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