SaaSBox Roadmap

Features that we plan releasing in the next release (01/07/2022)

Plan Management

Pay-as-you-go credit plans

For some SaaS companies users it makes a lot of sense to just purchase credits to use the application in a pay-per-use model rather than get charged monthly, which might be too much. For this use case we are looking to add a pay-as-you-go credit option

Metered Plans

Metered plans are similar to pay-as-you-go credit plans in that the user is only charged for the amount of unit items they have consumed. The primary difference is metered plans are still used on a regular basis and credit based plans are used more sporadically.

Selling add-ons and line items

Add-ons can simply increase revenue. There are also cases in e-commerce that a main product has negative overall margins when counting ads, distribution and shipping, however the upsells and add ons turn things around to profit. We plan to add upsells to unlock such use cases.


Blogging & Community

We are looking to enable seamless integration with our blogging solution for SaaS products to get a high quality, carefully designed and crafted blogging / community network dedicated to SaaS companies.

Thank you page for conversion tracking

Using this customizable page, you can track where your users were coming from and attribute conversions to referral campaigns.

Instant AppSumo Campaigns with Promo Codes

AppSumo can be great for SaaS companies to showcase their product, get early feedback and generate a bit of revenue. The AppSumo launch process is somewhat involved for a busy founder and can take a few weeks for developers to set up the right flow in your application to consume individual promo codes and create custom plans for the Appsumo users.
Well no more. SaaSBox already implements the entire promo code generation and consumption flow for Appsumo. The feature is created and in beta-testing.

Lead Management

Downloading Your Leads

We will add the capability to download your leads and users as a CSV file so you can import them to your favorite lead management tool.

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