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Embedding your React Application as a SaaS Dashboard

Steps to integrate create-react-app into SaaSBox

Below we cover how you can embed your standalone react application as a user dashboard into SaaSBox.

You may want to do this as you simply developed a useful react applicatiton that others might pay for, however what would make it a SaaS with users, payments, marketing pages are an afterthought.

Install, build, run create-react-app

npx create-react-app my-app
cd my-app
npm start

More details and full documentation here

Find out your SaaSBox Application ID and template ID

Open up the url for any one of your assets and you will the pattern: <cdn url>/<application uuid>/template uuid>

Build create-react-app with PUBLIC_URL set to your SaaSBox CDN

You may build a production react app as follows:

npm run build

Instead we will run the same command with PUBLIC_URL environment variable set to where we will drag & drop our static assets folder:

PUBLIC_URL= npm run build

Following the above example, the format is as follows: <cdn url>/<application uuid>/template uuid>

Deploy your react application build

Drag and drop the static folder in your react app into the template drop zone in SaaSBox.

Convert your React application index.html into Pug template

React index copy paste

  1. Create new template page (or edit settings html page)
  2. Copy & Paste your react application index.html
  3. Save
  4. Press convert to pug button. React index page convert to pug React index pug

Copy & Paste your index page's pug template body and head into one of user dashboard pages, e.g. (service-settings page)

Edit service settings page

  1. Copy and paste head section under head
  2. Copy and paste body section (your application div(id="root") and script tags under it) under card-body tag. React save into user settings

Your react application is now embedded inside the user dashboard under

Edit service settings page

Adding external data from SaaSBox

Define a script section before your react application div(id="root") tag as follows:

	var external_data = "Hello from SaaSBox!";
	noscript You need to enable JavaScript to run this app.

You can now refer to external_data from your reactt app using the tag {external_data} from anywhere!

Embedded React Application with user data from SaaSBox

Here is the final example you will get following all of the above steps: React App Embedded in SaaSBox User Dashboard