SaaSBox Overview

Let's have a look at the key screens of your SaaS environment created by SaaSBox

A Quick Glance at your SaaS hosted on SaaSBox

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Your SaaS Dashboard

Once you sign up at you will be redirected to your administrative dashboard that looks like below:

This dashboard is where you manage everything about your SaaS as an admin, including users, leads, payment plans, domains, front-end SaaS template pages, API keys, marketing features, and so on.

If you click the "Go to App" button on your SaaS admin dashboard, you will directly go to the user dashboard with the view of a user of your SaaS.

Your User Dashboard

Your users will also get a dashboard where you deliver your service. Your service may be an API, data, an application, a nocode service or spreadsheet embedded from a 3rd party tool. This area is only available behind your paywall. You may customize the delivered service based on which plan the user is on, and the limits you create on the subscription plans.

Methods to customize the dashboard:

In this dashboard:

  • You can serve a custom application (HTML, Javascript and API calls)

  • Embed a nocode application (Retool, Bubble, Appsmith, Superblocks)

  • Replace it with your own standalone backend with its own dashboard based on NodeJS (Express, NextJS) or other frameworks.

We cover all of these approaches in the "Integrating your Application" section.

Getting a new dashboard design

This user dashboard UI is replaceable with your own design.

A few simple, pure, carefully selected template designs are available for free. Check out the Github configuration step on how to quickly and successfully leverage these templates.

Design variations

There are variations on the design, however they are available privately with a license due to using paid components such as Tailwind UI. Contact us if you want to leverage other such designs: (email:

User Account Settings

SaaSBox comes with a standard set of "User Account" functionality typically found in a SaaS. This account portal allows your users to manage their passwords, user profiles, as well as their subscription, payment methods, invoices and so on via the pre-integrated Stripe Customer Portal.

All of this functionality is available out of box for your users, so you don't have to implement them:

As an admin, you may freely navigate between the user, admin dashboards with buttons provided on the left side, or in your user profile menu on the top right corner

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