Domain Setup

In the most common use case, SaaSBox becomes your SaaS storefront at and your application lives in either an embedded user dashboard at this domain, or lives in a separate domain
To enable this use case it is required to point at your saasbox application domain, and add a few verification record entries in your domain provider so that we can issue a secure HTTPS certificate for you and install in our systems.
The entire process typically takes approximately 10 minutes and less than an hour to complete.
Step 3 - You are asked to add CNAME records to validate your pending HTTPS certificate.
Step 1. The "Domain" section of the SaaSBox admin dashboard starts the above process, where you are required to add your domain address.
Step 2. In your domain provider's admin panel, add a CNAME DNS entry that points your "" to your saasbox application subdomain at ""
Step 3. In your SaaSBox admin panel, click the generate button to generate an HTTPS certificate request. The HTTPS certificate typically contains rights to server your root domain at and a wildcard domain at * This is the most flexible option, if you need to restrict this for any reason, please contact us.
Step 4. Add the CNAME records for verifying you own the domain, and generate a valid certificate as seen in the above example.
Step 5. The certificate is verified, and now the last step is to press the Install button to install the certificate on our servers.
That's it, now points at your application at