Updating and Retiring SaaS Plans, Migrating Users

Every SaaS needs to manage the lifecycle of live plans, such as updating, deleting, retiring a plan, and migrating users between plans. SaaSBox makes it easy to handle these processes.

Pricing iterations and updating plans

You will need to make pricing iterations on your subscription plans from time to time.

Plan with no users yet

If you don't have any users on a plan, you can simply click on "Edit" and change its pricing.

Plan with existing users

If you have users you would need to first create a new plan, and retire the existing one. You may choose to migrate users immediately or at a later time in the future.

Grandfathering users on old plans and migrating them to newer plans

It can become a maintenance burden to track customers on the plans with older pricing, and migrate them to the new plans when the time comes.

SaaSBox simplifies the process. Click on the Retire button to make a plan inactive, and keep existing users to continue using them.

This action removes the plan from your pricing page. You can always click on activate to undo this action.

When the right time comes, migrate those existing users to a new plan, by clicking on Move users. Then select the plan you need to migrate and complete the process by clicking on Migrate.

They will get charged on the new plan when their current period ends.

SaaSBox makes it easy to grandfather users on retired plans, and when the time comes, migrate them to newer plans with new pricing tiers.

Without SaaSBox

Compare this to a self serve Stripe account - You would have to manually track which user is on which plan, and migrate them one by one, which can be a maintenance burden if you are making frequent pricing changes.

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