Integrating your use case with SaaSBox

Integrating your Application with SaaSBox

If you are done with the getting started steps, you are almost there! There is one last step we will help you through and you are ready to launch. You can do this yourself or let us handle it.

Option 1 - Integrate on your own

If you want to take charge of the development of your backend, check out our examples on how to make calls with user & plan information to your API and retrieve data back to your dashboard.

Option 2 - We do it for you at no cost

  • We integrate your existing application with SaaSBox.

  • If you are starting from scratch, we build your custom application at no cost, for up to 4 dashboard pages.

  • 2-day turnaround for bug fixes, 1-week turnaround for features.

  • This saves a ton of hassle by eliminating the need to source, project manage, and pay developers, as well as reducing the risk to bring your solution to market.

Bottom line gains for using SaaSBox + our integration service:

  • Save 10 weeks from idea to launch, and 500 developer hours.

  • Eliminate sourcing, managing & paying developers, remove the risk to bring your solution to market.

  • Save on up to 2 developers each month to maintain the application (backend updates, devops, hosting, bug fixes). We do this professionally and starting at $300 / month for small business applications.

  • Save on SaaS costs for subscription and user management ($300 - 600 / month)

  • Set yourself for success: Focus your efforts on what makes your service unique and competitive.

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