3. Configure Github for editing and deploying your SaaS frontend pages

Completion time: 10 minutes

Default template

When you sign up, your application will be populated with the default template. The default template includes fully functional pages such as landing, login, sign up, pricing, and also importantly, a user dashboard for your users. Find all of our public templates here.

[Roadmap Item: Instead of github links, templates will be displayed and automated setup triggered from the /community-templates link].

Editing templates and deploying from Github

Once you are settled with a single template, your next step would be to customize sections on your front end, such as the landing, login / sign up pages, or any edits on your pricing page.

The easiest way is to do this via the github code editor, where each change is automatically deployed after each commit.

Here we explain this in the video below. It is a step by step guide on how to make simple edits on your landing page right from within github.

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