Selling your SaaS in a marketplace such as AppSumo

For any reason you may choose to sell your SaaS solution in a marketplace such as Gumroad or Appsumo in form of a one-off sale.

SaaSBox supports a seamless built-in experience for selling your solution in such a marketplace by using the Stripe promotions feature.

How it works

  1. You generate promo codes inside SaaSBox that you can then share with your customers in form of a download, e.g. after a purchase in a marketplace.

  2. Your customers go to your SaaSBox hosted app at

  3. Your customers bypass the usual checkout flow (i.e. do not enter credit card information) and initiate the subscription plan that the promo code is defined for.

Using SaaSBox the entire hassle of generating promo codes, mapping them to SaaS plans, and signing up users bypassing the credit card form is handled for you.

AppSumo Example

If you ever wanted to launch your SaaS on Appsumo, you will quickly find out that sharing promo codes with them and signing up those purchasers with the codes can be a big hassle. The entire process is seamlessly handled if your SaaS is built using SaaSBox.

  1. Type in and go to the /dashboard/promos url on your SaaSBox instance. (This is a beta easter egg feature thus no visible links in the dashboard!)

  2. Create promo codes with number of redemptions set to 1

  3. Download the CSV file with the promo code urls.

  4. Share the codes with the marketplace

  5. Upon purchase on Appsumo, those customers will claim their deal by going to the url:

That's it, no logic or writing special code to handle the above use cases.

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