How to integrate your application - A walkthrough

Regardless of your SaaS application tech stack, the typical integration flow has two approaches:

Approach 1: Embedding your application inside SaaSBox, and point your root domain to your SaaSBox application.

While this approach might initially look like the integration has more steps, once integrated and your workflow is settled, you have less work to do. SaaSBox seamlessly handles subscriptions, users, user account updates, marketing pages, upgrades for all of the mentioned items, all you have to do is update your dashboard embed which is a much smaller surface area compared to managing it all.

Approach 2: A completely detached application at

This approach also works, where the SaaS storefront at is ran by SaaSBox and the user is redirected to when they log in.
This walkthrough covers approach #1 at the moment, the approach #2 guide is going to be published soon.