Frontend Templates

Your user facing pages such as landing, login, sign up, pricing, and application dashboard

The templates in our community templates page can be imported to your SaaS when you click on "use". This will import the template and set it as your application frontend.

However this is a weak import, i.e. changes are not backed by version control. You can go to the /dashboard/templates link on your to make quick changes and test them without version control.

A template consists of your user facing pages (landing, sign up, login, features), and user dashboard.

View the files for your pages / test temporary changes quickly

To tailor a template for your use case, each page is editable through the admin dashboard:

Clicking the "Edit" button for the Live template will take you to the live pages, and they may be edited through your dashboard.

This is a handy way for testing out changes to your site quickly and inspecting your deployed files. However, the updates through this section are not saved into version control.

The best way to make permanent changes are to set up a template repository in your github account. See this next section on how to achieve this.

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