SaaSBox Roadmap

Features to be released in the next 6 months

Pre-integrated Stripe Checkout and Customer Portal

Released (April 2023)

Stripe checkout supports a plethora of payment options, local payments in each country, and SaaSBox will come with turnkey support for Stripe checkout (no programming or configuration, pre-configured with defaults).

Stripe customer portal is the most flexible way to offer subscription management, where a user can change plans, update the quantity, purchase upsells or additional products and multiple subscriptions. Similarly, SaaSBox will come with turnkey support for the Stripe Customer Portal.

Without SaaSBox, enabling the Stripe customer portal is a one-off engineering effort, though it can be a hassle with multi-week planning along with your user authentication, and a senior engineer needs to be working on it.

SaaSBox integrates with the Stripe customer portal and checkout in a turnkey manner, which means zero effort on your end. As soon as you create a subscription plan in SaaSBox, a user can purchase it through the pricing page, checkout process, then manage it through the Stripe customer portal. All of them are pre-integrated from the start.

Transactional Email support via PostMark

Release date (04-30-2023)

SaaSBox today supports Postmark.

We have chosen Postmark as the partner for managing transactional emails due to its high deliverability rates, modern features and robustness.

This phase improves on existing support to enable a turnkey integration. That means the user would enter their API credentials and the rest is managed through a wizard.

Flexible Subscription Options

Release date (06-30-2023)

Selling add-ons and line items

The plans section will get an update where one-off products (e.g. a setup fee) and multiple subscriptions can be created. These will then get populated in the Stripe checkout and customer portal during the purchase process.

Day to day SaaS Analytics

Release date (08-30-2023)

Who would not enjoy to see how their SaaS is doing with pre-integrated analytics? Upon your log in as an admin, you would see *distilled* and *accurate* information on how your SaaS is doing with regard to the number of visitors to your SaaS, number of sign ups, paid sign ups, monthly revenue and more.

Demo Tech Stack Integrations

Release date (06-30-2023)

SaaSBox today supports basic integrations with 3rd party SaaS builders such as Bubble, AppSmith, Retool, and Superblocks. It supports tech stacks such as NextJS.

The next phase is to demonstrate tech stack integrations via demo applications with complete source code in github. As an example, you would log in to a fully fledged application built with AppSmith, and NextJS, download its source code and use it.

More Design Templates to choose from

Release date (06-30-2023)

SaaSBox today supports 3 basic Front-end templates built using TailwindUI and TailwindCSS. There are more on the way with different styles. All templates are turnkey, meaning you can deploy them to your application by forking our github repos.

Future considerations

Blogging & Community

We are planning to enable seamless integration with our blogging solution for SaaS products to get a high quality, carefully designed and crafted blogging / community network dedicated to SaaS companies.

Instant AppSumo Campaigns with Promo Codes

AppSumo can be great for SaaS companies to showcase their product, get early feedback and generate early traction. The AppSumo launch process is somewhat involved for a busy founder and can take a few weeks for developers to set up the right flow in your application to consume individual promo codes and create custom plans for the Appsumo users.

Well no more. SaaSBox already implements the entire promo code generation and consumption flow for Appsumo. The feature is created and in beta-testing.

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